Humbug (4)




Great British Trade Off portfolio is down £676 on the week.

The drive for financial independence is still on track, as the portfolio is up 6.9% since April, I’m currently 63% invested.

Sold my tiny holding in the Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth Fund for a profit.

Over-rode my system and didn’t increase my Japaneses holdings, as I had planned to do.

Nothing to buy or sell in the coming week.

Down £676 on the week, no big deal but today rained on my party somewhat as all the losses came in the last 24 hours. This time yesterday I was slightly up.

It’s been a week of masterly inactivity really. My sale of the Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth Fund went through at 775p at the beginning of the week. I banked a profit of £47.

I only had a £1k holding so it wasn’t the most important thing I’ve ever done, but I’m happy I’m out for the time being as the price is down 20p since I sold.

I expect to be back in this fund again after Brexit goes through and the dust settles.

I was going to put some more money into Japan, but decided to stick with my current investment of £10k because of all the volatility. In the short term this was the right decision as prices fell through the week.

I’m coming to the view that being an aggressive investor rather than a buy and hold one, is a better plan in this kind of market.

If I’m right my system should serve me well, although the danger I face is constantly being whipsawed in and out of things.

I’ve nothing whatsoever to do to the portfolio in the coming week so I’m off to watch some paint dry to get some excitement.