In spite of the ‘Facebook Drama’ and a little local difficulty with the Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth Fund it’s been a calm (ish) week for my Great British Trade Off  portfolio, which is up slightly on the week.

Calm is good…………………………..we like calm.

What I’m doing is aggressively investing in funds to create some serious wealth for financial independence and a rich retirement, if and when I ever decide to slow down.

So although I’m aggressive in my investing style, its not all buy buy buy, sell sell sell. The less drama there is the more I like it.

I must say I had a little mini-flap when I heard in a news report that Facebook was down 20% on poor numbers. But one of the joys of holding funds is that my money is spread far and wide and I don’t just mean far and wide across the eleven funds I currently hold in different sectors, but far and wide across the companies that my three Tech funds hold.

The result was that while Facebook’s wobble has caused ripples across the sector and all three of my Tech funds are slightly down, but so far the operative word is ‘slightly’.

I worried about the very high valuations in the sector before I bought in, but I’m a momentum investor trading chart signals, so all I do is follow the money. My investments live or die depending on the signals the charts make.

And what a ride it’s been over the last few months.

So far the Tech sector has been a brilliant investment for me. In this second year of the Great British Trade Off I’m up 22% with the Neptune Global Technology Fund.

Up 20% with the Axa Framlingham Global Technology Fund.

And up 14% with the Polar Capital Global Technology Fund.

Over the three funds I’m running profits of £3485 so I’m in no hurry to second guess where things go from here. For as long as the upward momentum holds, I want my money in there.

I’ll be continuing to hold all three funds unless or until their prices fall below the six week moving average (red line) which in each of these case’s  is my ‘take profits’ point.

My hope is that if there is a correction it won’t be too severe and won’t tip me out of any or all of the funds. We shall see.

Nothing to buy in the coming week, but one small position to sell. The Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth Fund has crashed and burnt.

As you see it’s made my ‘take profits’ signal of coming down through the red line. Because of my concerns over the shambolic way our glorious leaders are running our country I only had a token investment of £1k in the fund, as I write the profit to take is £27…………………………………..I’ll place a selling order over the weekend and take the money on Monday.

Sadly that’ll leave me with no money directly in my home market, what an indictment of our governments industrial policies that is when all the best investment opportunities are off-shore.

The facts and figures are my Great British Trade Off portfolio is up £165 on the week and tonight stands at £100,082.00 up a fraction over 8% since the second year of the competition started on April the 5th 2018.