Great British Trade Off portfolio is down £1048 on the week

The portfolio is up 8% since April, I’m 63% invested

The sell off I’ve been jittery about for some weeks is happening as my GBTO portfolio comes down in a ball of fire

A sell off was always dot on the cards and in the last few days it would appear to be happening.

Five of my funds have fallen down through my protect profits line, so over the weekend I’ll place the selling orders for action first thing next week.

The Baillie Gifford Japanese Smaller Companies Fund to be sold for circa £300 profit

The Fundsmith Equity Fund for circa £640 profit

The Jupiter UK Smaller Companies Fund for circa £170 profit

The Neptune Global Alpha Fund for circa £670

The Sarisin Food and Agriculture Opportunities Fund for circa £420

In each case I say ‘circa’, because as you may know, with funds its not instant execution so your never sure exactly what price you’ll get.

These sales will take around £28k of the table, leaving me 32% invested with nothing to buy this coming week.

Its always a bit of a kick in the guts when the value of your portfolio drops, but the flip side is that market corrections or falls create fresh buying opportunities either for value investors to buy at a good price or for momentum investors like me to buy as prices fall then pivot round.

I’m selling these five funds not in panic but simply to protect profits in case they fall lower and to protect my capital if prices really tank..

Two thirds of my money in cash at a time like this makes for a good nights sleep.

When prices calm down and start rising again, I will buy most of these back again I’m also going to buy into artificial intelligence and maybe timber. More about that next week,